Cake, Frosting, Filling

When ordering a custom cake you get to choose your cake flavor, frosting, and filling. 

When looking for specific designs and colors my Vanilla Buttercream is the best and in some cases only way to achieve the desired look. For this reason, for intricate design/bold colors I recommend the Vanilla Buttercream as your frosting flavor. 

Cake Flavors




Carrot (additional $6)

Frosting Flavors

Vanilla Buttercream

Chocolate Buttercream

Cream Cheese

Cookies and Cream (additional $6) 

Cookie Dough (additional $4)

Strawberry (additional $6)

Filling Flavors (add $5-$10)

Vanilla Pudding

Crushed Oreos

Any Fresh Fruit (ex. strawberry, raspberry, blueberry)

**If no filling chosen I will use the same frosting as the cake for no extra charge